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About Euphorea



Everyone loves beauty. You love to feel beautiful. And we would love to help you enhance your beauty. This motivation urges us, staff of Eforea Salon & Spa, to commit ourselves to a higher standard through continuous improvement, nurturing and spreading inspiration into every detail, from the decor and environment to our products, techniques, and services. There is nothing that can make us more satisfied than seeing you walk out from Eforea Salon & Spa with pleasure and perfect appearance.



Being fashionable and constantly adopting the latest fashion trends is a must in society, especially for women who sometimes need a little of frivolity. Whether you are getting ready for an important occasion or just need to refresh yourself for a whole new day, at Eforea Salon & Spa, you can always find hottest nail polish colors, most elegant hairstyles, the most advanced spa treatments and technology. This is how we keep our customers coming back to us regularly.



To Eforea, each customer is special with their own beauty, unique style, and distinctive nails, hair, and skin. Therefore, your each and every request or problem will be learnt, analyzed and provided with the most appropriate and effective solution. This is our commitment showing through the consultancy services, which Eforea staff supply to individual customers, or through professional customized spa packages for each specific skin problem.



Beside service quality, we value our prestige in every relationship: with customers, with partners, with suppliers, and among Eforea’s members. We understand that establishing and growing trust is the only way for Eforea to grow stronger and further.



For all the services at Eforea Salon & Spa, we have set the only “Excellent” standard in the first place. This standard is not only set for services and core product, but also in every aspect: from environment, interior to process and personnel. With this spirit, we respect all suggestions and advices, and steadily improve ourselves to meet the need of customers, who decide whether Eforea Salon & Spa has reached the “Excellent” standard or not.


Last but not least, "Authentic" principel. We are proud of providing to our customer the truly manufactured and backed by the well-known brand on its label or packaging.

Last but not least, it is all about the principle “authentic”. Efore proudly supplies customers with authentic quality and experience from famous global beauty brands: (Logo Dermalogica) (Logo doTERRA) (Logo O.P.I) (Logo CND) (Logo Goldwell) (Logo Olaplex) (Logo Kerastase) According to our strict standard system on products and services that we have provided our customers, we always choose the suppliers carefully and would willingly answer all the questions related to products’ origin and quality.